Our Mission

The Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation helps missionary kids, whose parents have made personal and financial sacrifices to serve the Lord all over the world, afford a quality Christian college education. 

Our Vision

The Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation hopes that children of missionary families will use their Christian college education to make a further substantial impact on the world, and that throughout their lifetimes, will pass the blessing on to others in need.

Board of Directors

  • Randall S. van Reken, Treasurer of the Foundation, Treasurer of the Board
  • Russell Bloem, Calvin College representative
  • Marjorie Hoogeboom, Calvin College representative
  • Thomas Stuit, Hope College representative, Secretary of the Board
  • Annie Valkema, Hope College representative
  • Robert Weeldreyer, Wheaton College representative
  • Walter S. Olsson, Wheaton College representative, Secretary of the Foundation
  • Calvin Van Reken, President of the Foundation, Chairman of the Board
The Lord blessed me and enabled me to earn far more money than I needed. My family was well provided for, so to whom do I give the surplus? Missionary Kids are special and can use it to perhaps change the world we live in so I started the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation. I fully expect that one of my MKs will graduate from a Christian college and become the head of state in his own country some day.”
— Stanley van Reken, Founder, Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation