Sam Yang

From the mountains of Puebla, Mexico, to the flatlands of Iowa and swamplands of Florida—Sam Yang has learned a thing or two about how to adjust to new places.

Sleeping on church floors or at members’ houses and eating their food are routines that required us to surrender our daily comfort,” Sam says of his family’s life as missionaries. “Nevertheless, God’s grace has been sufficient to feed us, guide us, strengthen us and, most importantly, help us to love God and His people even more.”

In 2000, Sam’s family moved to Mexico, focused on reaching the unreached people in the mountains and sharing the gospel with them. A strong faith and perseverance helped Sam there, and in his next stage of life.

My calling is to help college students to find their callings in Christ and unfold His beautiful creation through science,” Sam says. “Furthermore, I hope to guide them to become responsible engineers and scientists in the world; the same way my physics and engineering professors did at Dordt.”

After graduating from Dordt College, Sam began a PhD program for mechanical engineering at Florida State University. He hopes to teach science through a faith lens, but also to teach the principle of giving back. He says the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation helped pay for more than simply his undergrad tuition.

It constantly reminded me of the fact that I was receiving tremendous blessings from God through other people,” Sam reflects. “Such a reminder helped me to study harder and appreciate the act of giving. As a scholarship recipient, I have decided to make financial contributions to CMSF and other foundations after I am finished with my studies.”

In addition to giving financially, Sam hopes to give his time by returning to the mission field when he is able.