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Quick Facts

Things to know

  • Over 100 scholarships are given to missionary kids each year by the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation.

  • Scholarship recipients must attend one of six colleges:

  • Those eligible for the scholarship are children of missionaries currently on or recently returned from the mission field who have made significant financial sacrifices to serve the Lord.
  • Awards given range in amount and are available for four years if the student is making satisfactory academic progress and is enrolled full time. Graduates who go on to medical school are eligible for further assistance.
  • Students who receive a scholarship are not restricted to a particular major or academic program.
  • Students from some colleges are invited to an annual scholarship banquet where they will be able to meet other scholarship recipients and members of the CMS Foundation.


Applicants must meet the following criteria for scholarship consideration:

  • Your parents are Christian missionaries?
  • Your family has made financial sacrifices to follow the call to the mission field, impacting their ability to finance a college education?
  • You plan to attend one of the six eligible colleges? (see list on left)