Joohee Uhm

Joohee Uhm grew up in a family that served as mobile missionaries, working for Youth With a Mission and Mercy Ships. Though they served in many countries, their last stop in Liberia resulted in a long-term call.

Liberia was just coming out of its second civil war, with only three years of unstable peace since its first.”

And recently, he says, the Ebola outbreak added another burden. These experiences in the mission field shaped Joohee’s passion for justice and his Christian faith. They were then honed even further as a student at Wheaton College.

Being at Wheaton allowed me to expand my faith, but most importantly, it showed me what is required of me to be a Christian.”

It’s an experience he’s incredibly grateful for. And he is very aware of the price tag.

After each semester, I would gear up in preparation for the next payment. It was difficult not knowing where the funds may come from. This [CMSF scholarship] was one way of experiencing God’s providence.”

Now a Wheaton graduate, Joohee plans to return to his native South Korea to complete his required two-year military service. After that, he hopes to remain in South Korea to begin pursuing his dream of seeing a unified Korea.