Emily Gaddis

For Emily, Nigeria is home. She has lived there with her family on the mission field since she was four years old. Her parents work with Wycliffe Bible translators among the largest group of nomadic cattle herders in the world. Her experiences and her parents’ example have made an impact on Emily. Someday, she would like to join the cause.

There are nearly 2,000 distinct languages still needing a Bible in their language,” says Emily. “As the body of Christ, we have a lot of work to do, and I want to do my part.”

However, Emily wanted a Christian college to be part of her plan first: 

When I was looking for colleges, I wanted a Christian college where my teachers and friends would encourage me spiritually. I also wanted a college that would be a mission field, where I would have an opportunity to share the light of God with others at school and within the community.”

She says God led her to the perfect fit—Hope College—and a way to get there, with support from the Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation.

This generous scholarship allowed me to fulfill my dreams of coming to a Christian college that would otherwise be far out of my price range,” she explains. “Since my parents are missionaries, we live on a very frugal budget provided by friends, family and churches. We rely on God for all of our finances, and God has proven Himself time and time again.”

Emily continues to listen to the call. After college, she plans to attend the Summer Institute of Linguistics and then join the Wycliffe team as a Bible translator.