Deborah Tyokighir

Meet Deborah. With one semester left of undergrad, she has plans to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. Her goal, she says, is to add value to the healthcare system in Nigeria.

The benefits of improved healthcare in disadvantaged communities go beyond just better health,” Deborah says. “When children are healthy, there is a greater chance that they will attend school, get an education and eventually get a job, which will enable them to come out of poverty. Further, many of the diseases that contribute to infant and child mortality in Nigeria are communicable. Thus, decreasing the number of children affected by any of these diseases will decrease the likelihood of it spreading.”

Her desire to serve started when she and her family served on the mission field in Nigeria. Her father has served in numerous leadership roles with World Renew since 1990. Deborah says the overarching mission of the organization is to empower disadvantage communities to be self-sustaining. It’s a holistic approach that she appreciates—which is why a faith-based education was important.

I believe that being firmly grounded in one’s faith is important,” Deborah shares. “I was looking for an atmosphere that would provide me with both a quality education and a Christ-centered view of vocation before stepping out into the working world.”

She says the Christian Missionary Scholarship helped greatly in making that type of education affordable at Dordt College. Now with a firm foundation set, she has plans in place to finish her education and return home to help a community she loves.